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Nova atualização do CS2D será liberada em breve!

27/02/2012 às 23:44 | 1809 visualizações

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Este é um pré-lançamento da versão 2D Counter-Strike

por favor, note:
- esta é apenas uma versão de teste
- servidores não serão adicionados à lista de servidores
- a versão mostra porque é uma versão de teste
- ele ainda tem alguns bugs, especialmente o motor nova luz (desativado por padrão) pode levar a problemas e até mesmo crashs
- tente o mapa "lighttest" para ver as 3 novas armas eo motor de luz, F usar lanterna
- novas funcionalidades adicionais podem ser adicionadas para o lançamento real de beta

- Novas armas e equipamentos.
- Novo menu de graficos.
- Novo menu de encontrar os servidores.
- Motor de luz (Aperta F e abre uma lanterna do seu boneco, especial para zm e etc).
entre outras coisas..!

Lista Completa de Mudanças:

[FIXED] Crash when tabbing through textfields
[FIXED] Editor hotkeys were active while using textfields
[FIXED] Info_NoFow did not work on all maps
[FIXED] Bots no longer try to attack you with bomb in hands
[FIXED] Effect command particle amount was always at least 100
[FIXED] removed pointless transfer debug messages
[FIXED] Server player was able to commit suicide when already dead
[FIXED] Trouble with wrong "precon auth" errors after mapchanges
[FIXED] Encoding problems with special characters in serverstats.html
[FIXED] Vulnerability that allowed to use buttons that were too far away
[FIXED] Tooltip for unreachable (red) servers showed an empty box
[FIXED] Executing "disconnect" as client in-game crashed the game
[FIXED] Lua object(id,"team") returned a boolean instead of an integer
[FIXED] Decals were not displayed on map export images
[FIXED] Decals were not moved when moving the whole map in the map editor
[FIXED] Not all existing decal frames were available for use
[FIXED] Super supply menu option 9 did not work
[FIXED] Explosion sprites were rendered wrong sometimes
[FIXED] Attempt to equip certain items gave error message about strip
[FIXED] Lua inentityzone now works properly with teamgates
[FIXED] "temp" was displayed as map name after downloading a map temporarily
[FIXED] It was possible to see trough fog of war as spectator by pressing CTRL
[FIXED] Breakable/DynWall transparency floating point precision bug in editor
[FIXED] "Game Commencing"-restart occured with 1 player who is alive already
[FIXED] Rotating sprites where not displayed correctly on map export images
[FIXED] Portal gun didn't perform attack/attack2 Lua hook
[FIXED] Game allowed to join when a client failed to save the downloaded map
[FIXED] There was no muzzle flash in burst mode (Glock/Famas)
[CHANGED] Connection setting is now "fast" by default
[CHANGED] U.S.G.N. login is now always checked before joining
[CHANGED] Command mapshadows now allows values from 0 to 4 (new shadow engine)
[CHANGED] NET errors will only be displayed in console when debbuging is on
[CHANGED] Serverlist is now much bigger
[CHANGED] Filters are applied to the Internet serverlist only
[CHANGED] Maximum flash duration slightly decreased
[CHANGED] Hostage spead increased
[CHANGED] Only players who are alive are allowed to perform name changes
[CHANGED] You can only join a running round if nobody has been killed in it
[CHANGED] Explosions will automatically have less details when there are many
[CHANGED] Explosions are now brighter
[CHANGED] Slightly improved particle and effect performance
[CHANGED] Planted lasermine images can be changed now (lasermine_planted.bmp)
[CHANGED] Less molotov particles, even less with lower particle settings
[CHANGED] Less gas grenade particles with lower particle settings
[CHANGED] Projectiles of a player are now removed on team change / leave
[CHANGED] Dropped CTF flags will be returned automatically after 10 secs
[ADDED] Command sv_checkusgnlogin (always check login?)
[ADDED] Command sv_rconusers (list of users that are allowed to use RCon)
[ADDED] Command shadowz_wall (wall shadow length)
[ADDED] Command shadowz_obstacle (obstacle shadow length)
[ADDED] Command shadowshade_wall (wall shadow shade effect)
[ADDED] Command shadowshade_obstacle (obstacle shadow shade effect)
[ADDED] Command shadow_angle (sun/shadow angle)
[ADDED] Command shadow_frameskipping (light/shadow rendering frame skipping)
[ADDED] Command mp_hud (enable/disable certain HUD elements)
[ADDED] Command mp_buymenu (custom buy menu)
[ADDED] Command mp_flashlight (allow flashlights on server?)
[ADDED] Command flashlight (turn flashlight on/off)
[ADDED] Command win (switch between full-screen and windowed mode)
[ADDED] Command cmsg (send console message to all or certain player)
[ADDED] Command triggerposition (trigger entity at certain position)
[ADDED] Lua Hook flashlight (when flashlight is turned on or off)
[ADDED] (, ) and | can be escaped with preceding \ in Lua menu command
[ADDED] Enhanced in-game chat flood protection with auto-kick
[ADDED] serverstats.html now has a CS2D favicon
[ADDED] Light/shadow engine by BlazingEyed (see video options, off by default)
[ADDED] Env_Room entity for light/shadow engine
[ADDED] Env_Light entity for light/shadow engine
[ADDED] Env_LightStripe entity for light/shadow engine
[ADDED] Info_NoWeather entity (disable weather effect in certain area)
[ADDED] Flashlights (turn on and off with F)
[ADDED] Some additional loading screens for certain editor actions
[ADDED] Serverlist now saves the server name as well (for website serverlist)
[ADDED] Serverlist now has a "recently joined" tab with 20 latest servers
[ADDED] Serverlist refresh countdown is visible in refresh button
[ADDED] Serverlist now has a "game mode" column
[ADDED] Browser launch compatibility (allow to join over cs2d://ip:port URIs)
[ADDED] "-realport" commandline parameter (use port from settings for list entry)
[ADDED] "-rconlua" commandline parameter (allow Lua script execution via RCon)
[ADDED] Gas Mask (non-buyable protection against gas grenades, id 60)
[ADDED] Several new Info_TeamGate entity options
[ADDED] Info_NPC now performs trigger whenever an NPC from it is killed
[ADDED] Info_TeamGate now performs trigger when it kills someone
[ADDED] Trigger_Use now has a re-use delay option
[ADDED] Warning message when saving map without spawnpoints (Info_T/Info_CT)
[ADDED] Checkbox in graphics options menu to switch to window/full-screen
[ADDED] Satchel Charge (remote controlled explosives)
[ADDED] M134 machine gun (by FaqAp)
[ADDED] FN F2000 rifle (by FaqAp)




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muito bom esse mas ta na cara pq é versão de teste né kk,eu tava pensando em editar o CS 2D para RE 2D

enviado em 29/02/2012 às 23:15

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